Different equipment for different projects

The "normal" FPV

The original FPV drone, used for projects where small gaps and places are an X-factor for the final film.

Flown with GoPro.

Post stabilisation is included in the price.

Cinema FPV

The Cinema FPV rig, used for more high-end commercials and film.

Flown with
-Blackmagic pocket 4K
-Red Komdo 6K
-Sony FX6

Includes everything from "the normal FPV", for places where it's too tight for "cinema FPV".


The Dual Operated FPV drone gives us an hybrid between an Inspire 3 and FPV.
You are able to carry a Sony FX6 or Red Komodo on this rig.

Includes everything from "the normal FPV" and "Cinema FPV".

Selected Clients

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