Chrisander started his career in the "early stage of FPV" and decided to start posting on social media.
Which led to success in the film industry a few years later.
Chrisander has now been working in the industry as an proffesional FPV pilot for some years in total, and have been working for well known brands over the years.

"As a professional FPV Drone Pilot, i am always searching for opportunities to help people solve their problem and create angles few have seen before".

After years upon years with an RC controller in my hand, i am confident to say that i feel ready for almost any given project, especially with the great team around me.
I started flying for 9 years ago, and found my passion years later creating video’s with FPV drones.

  • European Open categories A1/A3 & A2

  • Advanced European specific license
    -This license makes it easier to get permission for R-102 Oslo flight permission